Day 4 – Button Mania

So I cheaped out a little on yesterday’s project but it’s totally justified. We took a short trip to Banff/Calgary over the weekend which meant that I needed to make something that was relatively simple and required few materials. Enter, the button press.

I’ve had this button press for a few years now, and while the overall project of making buttons isn’t new, it’s always fun to create new designs and see them in button form. I purchased the press on Ebay for (I think) $50 or so and it’s been a really handy device to have over the years. I’ve used it to create buttons for gifts, for fundraising, and to sell through Etsy. It’s almost addicting really to create them.

I made a few different designs and wore a few of them proudly yesterday during our visit to the Calgary Farmer’s Market, unfortunately one of them fell off into a stand of fresh B.C. peaches so hopefully some lucky (and hungry) customer finds a custom made “I heart biking” pin and wears it proudly!

Now I have to get working on today’s project, it’s a double post day!

Materials: paper, pens, button press, scisssors
Cost: $0
Time: About 15 minutes to make 4 buttons


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