Day 5 – Compost Bin

Perhaps not the most glamorous project but one that I’ve been looking forward to making since this whole 365 idea came into my head. A few weeks ago I emailed someone in charge of my city’s waste/recycling programs and asked if there was any city wide composting system. The answer I got was not only rude but it didn’t answer any of the questions that I asked. So what’s a crafty person to do? Make your own compost bin!

It was relatively simple to do and there a lot of tutorials on how to do it (I used this one) Essentially you just need some sort of container that is at least 24 inches high and has a lid. When I searched for links and images I saw some metal garbage cans, plastic totes, even an old dresser. Once you find an appropriate ‘soon-to-be composter’ you just poke some holes (with a drill or other such device) in the bottom and a few on the lid. You fill the bottom 1/4 with either dry leaves or shredded newspaper. On top of your dry material you fill up the bin half way with soil. Then all you need to do is throw on your food scraps, sprinkle on some more dirt and a bit of water and put the lid back on. The tips I read stated that you should mix it around every few days to help the material break down faster. Now that you know how I did it and how easy it was, you don’t have an excuse for making your own compost bin!

I didn’t get a chance to take any photos since I built my compost bin rather late but I’ll post some tomorrow!

Materials:  large container (I used a large rubbermaid type bin), shredded newspaper or leaves, soil, food scraps (no meat or dairy) including tea bags, coffee filters, and even some compostable packaging.
Cost: $10 for the bin and a large bag of soil to mix in
Time: Only about 10 minutes to put together but it’s obviously going to be an ongoing project!


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  1. Melissa
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 03:00:27

    Ooh, can you post pictures? We’ve been talking about making a compost bin. The thing I’m most concerned about though is getting flies/bugs.


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