Day 9 – Root Beer Cupcakes

Oh boy. This did not turn out  quite as I had expected. When the idea of creating this project first came to me while riding my bike with Jessica, one of the first ideas that I wanted to try was to make Root Beer Flavoured cupcakes. Well, there was a whole list of “root beer” flavoured items but I won’t get into that just yet.  A few days ago I searched up some recipes, they all looked good and relatively simple so I thought “hey, this’ll be a piece of (cup)cake!”  Wrongo.

While the cupcakes did in fact turn out and they are quite tasty, I hit many snags on the way to Root Beer goodness. First off, the root beer itself! I had purchased Root Beer Extract a few years ago so I figured I could buy it again at the same store. Nope. No store in town sells it apparently so I ended up scouring more recipes for cupcakes that didn’t use it. After finding one that used actual root beer AND root beer schnapps I thought I was in luck! Everything was looking good until I mixed the root beer into the rest of the ingredients….pop and baking soda don’t really get along so it quickly grew into this foamy volcano science experiment. I continued mixing and poured it into the pan and hoped for the best. It smelled good and in between sips of left over schnapps I was feeling optimistic. Upon opening the oven door I was faced with yet another science experiment, apparently the batter wasn’t content to sit in the muffin pan and had started to expand it’s borders. I panicked and then thought “well, maybe they’ll taste good”.

And boy was I right! While the root beer taste isn’t overly strong, it does provide a nice subtle flavour and the sugar from the pop and schnapps created a cool glaze on the bottom of each cupcake. While they may not have been exactly what I was hoping, they’re still mighty tasty!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Ward
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 03:01:51

    😀 Good story.


  2. jessicajorgensen
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 16:41:03

    I thought you were going to ask restaurants for their leftover root beer extract?


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