Day 15 – Owl/Fish Cookie Cutter

It sounded easy enough, bend a thin sheet of metal into a recognizable shape to make my own cookie cutter. Well, it turns out that despite my best efforts, metal is HARD to bend without any fancy tools. I used a piece of thin scrap sheeting from the metalwork class at school which maybe was a bit too thick. I had originally planned on forming a goat shaped cookie cutter but it was proving to be quite tricky so I settled on a basic owl which can also double as a goldfish if needed!

While I felt happy with the results of my Owl, I didn’t really feel like making a whole batch of cookies to show him off so I whipped up a quick batch of biscuits to go with some chili I made for dinner (recipes from Sarah Kramer) and I must say, it was a tasty little owl/goldfish!

Materials: thin metal piece (around 12-15 inches long)
Cost: $0
Time: about 15 minutes to mold the shape.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jessicajorgensen
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 20:39:07

    A goat! That would have been priceless. I like this though. You could have put 2 olive slices in the biscuit for owl eyes lol.


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