Day 17 – Bike Stencil

I’m feeling a bit off today due to some unfortunate news regarding a fatal accident on an Otesha tour. Having just returned home from my 3rd tour with The Otesha Project and having the experience fresh in my mind, it rattled me to hear that a fellow cyclist had been killed on the road.

I wasn’t in the head space to think of a huge project to do today and it seemed fitting that I should make something with a bike on it as it represents a huge part of my life and images of bikes have been floating in and out of my head all day.

The stencil was relatively easy to make and I must admit that I’ve made them before. The easiest method I’ve found for stenciling clothing is to use the “Freezer-Paper” method.  Simply draw a design on the “flat” (not glossy) side of freezer paper (I bought mine in the U.S. after I searched FOREVER to find it in Canada). After you’ve drawn your image, using a craft knife, cut out the blacked out part of your image. Keep in mind that any “floating” areas (like the insides of the bike wheels) won’t remain attached to the image so you should keep them nearby. Once you’ve cut out your image, place it gloss side down on your fabric (here’s where you would add your floaty bits back). Iron over top of the paper, pressing firmly to ensure that the paint won’t seep under the edges. Then, using a foam brush, dab the paint (don’t use strokes) on top of the stencil. Once dry, peel off the stencil and iron over the design one more time to heat set it!

Materials: freezer paper, craft knife, foam brush, paint, fabric
Cost: $0
Time: 30 minutes


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