Day 19 – Salt Water Taffy

I must admit that I do have a killer sweet tooth. Every few days I hear this pleading coming from it’s spot nestled deep within my gums “Please, give me sugar! Anything with sugar!” Sometimes I’m able to shut him up with an apple or some grapes but there are times when anything remotely healthy just won’t do it,  today was one of those days. Now instead of going to the store to stand in front of 100 bags of prepackaged candy I decided to try and make my own, specifically salt water taffy.

The recipes  all seemed straight forward. Mix ingredients, boil until certain temperature, cool, pull until smooth.  And really, it was that easy until the last step. Once the taffy had cooled in it’s pan I started pulling it to add in the air bubbles and create it’s chewy texture. I pulled, and pulled and kept pulling for what seemed like 15 minutes. Truth be told it was starting to resemble candy but was also resembling some sort of alien super-glue that instantly stuck to anything that it came in contact with. It stuck to the knife I used to cut it into pieces, it stuck to the cutting board, I think I still have little pieces of it stuck in my arm hair! The results however were worth it.

While the candy didn’t really have a distinct “salt water taffy” taste (or look since I decided to go the natural route and not add colouring) it was still quite tasty. It has the flavour of caramel and the consistency of chewy taffy, I did add a bit of peppermint for some flavour and it does add a nice subtle aftertaste.

Now, do I attempt this again when I finally get my rootbeer flavouring?  I think I may have to!

The recipe I used is here


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