Day 22 – Lighting Box

Back to back posts in one day! No, it’s not because I didn’t make anything yesterday (see: Butternut Squash Soup) it’s just that I was far too lazy to log on to the computer after eating my dinner to post about what I made!

Today’s project is one that I’ve been looking forward to making for a while since it’ll have a positive impact on the rest of the 11 months remaining. I made a light box! Essentially a lightbox is just a little studio that you can use to control the lighting when photographing smaller objects.
I took a cardboard box and cut large square holes in the sides, the back, and the top. Then I covered the holes in white tissue paper, taping them to the box. Then I placed a piece of white matte poster board inside the box, curving it to give the illusion of an endless backdrop (although there a few folds in the poster board since it’s been kicking around my office for a while.) Then you just aim a light through any of the “windows” and you have a light box! Hopefully I’ll be using it quite often to snap photos of my creations to come!

Materials: Cardboard box, craft knife, tissue paper, light, poster board
Cost: $0
Time: 15 minutes


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