Day 26 – Bike Tube Card Holder

One of the things I learned while on my Otesha ride this summer was that a popped bicycle tube is not just a popped bicycle tube, it’s an empty canvas for so many different things! We learned how to make wallets, phone sleeves, bracelets and headbands. The Governor General of Canada even witnessed some of the craftiness when Otesha staff showed off their custom made headbands while at a conference in Ottawa.

So, when my bike tube popped the other day I knew that it would provide me with the materials to make something quick and crafty. I don’t really use a wallet but I do need a card holder to keep some buisness card type cards that I use for my photography, up until now I had been keeping them in a ziplock bag in my backpack which wasn’t working so well.

Tonight, while watching The Simpsons I whipped up this little card holder that fits a bunch of the cards quite nicely and was 100% recycled!

Materials: bike tube, thread, needle
Cost: $0
Time: 40 minutes


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