Day 31 – Autumn Wire Tree

Ugh, I’m stuck in the middle of a terrible cold that has decided to crawl inside my head and throat and party it up which has left me with little to no inspiration for this project, but I’m determined to push on and late last night while sipping on tea and watching a documentary on Egypt I whipped up this Autumn inspired wire tree. I’m not sure if I’ll turn it into a magnet or maybe hang in on a window or maybe I’ll just pin it above my desk and it can be autumn all year round!

To make one you just need some wire and beads (I made my own with orange, yellow, and red polymer clay).  You create a ring with a larger gauge wire and then using a smaller gauge (I used copper) you wrap about 3 inches around the ends to seal it. Then using your smaller gauge you wrap at least 4 (depending on how many branches you want) lengths near the bottom around the ring. Then you gather up the lengths and twist them to create a wrapped tree trunk, then using your beads you fill out the branches and when they’ve reached the edge of your ring, you just trim the length of wire and wrap it around the ring to end it off.

My tutorial isn’t that clear so if you’re confused  you should check out this one instead!

Materials: wire, polymer clay
Cost: $0
Time: about 25 minutes


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