Day 39 – Friendship Bracelets

Back in July while on my cycling trip with The Otesha Project we passed the time by making hemp bracelets. Well, we also went swimming, did pushups, visited farms, ate farm fresh produce AND made hemp bracelets but you get the picture. One of my friends, Eliza, brought with her this amazing bag of beads and hemp and all sorts of goodies and she let us take whatever we wanted to use. I made a few bracelets and gave them to people and I ended up making myself an anklet. 

Now I wouldn’t call myself a superstitious person but for some reason I believe that these sorts of bracelets are lucky and that when they fall off it means that they’ve given you what they needed to and it’s time to get a new one. I’ve always either saved the beads from various bracelets or I’ve remade them, but this time I decided to take these beads that had been a part of  this amazing journey and ‘regift’ them on to someone else. I like to believe that these beads helped push me up those crazy mountain passes, helped me get up on stage and act like my best cow/toaster/computer and helped me run a half marathon. Maybe they are lucky, maybe they aren’t but I’m passing them along regardless 🙂


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