Day 40 – Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It certainly wouldn’t be thanksgiving without pumpkin pie so of course that had to be today’s project! Now I think the last time I made a pumpkin pie from scratch was sometime in high school and I vaugely remember it turning out more like pumpkin soup with a slightly undercooked “crust”. I was a bit worried that this is what would happen to today’s pie but I baked on!  Now I was quite close to purchasing a pie crust because..well..because I’m not the best baker and pie crusts are typically not very forgiving. The kicker for me was waking up this morning and not really feeling like venturing out to the store just for a pie crust. 

Enter, Sarah Kramer and her seriously kick ass collection of vegan cookbooks. Within two minutes I had found the recipes for both the pie and the crust and I was preheating the oven before my coffee had even started brewing! The crust was actually quite simple to make and it was really easy to roll out. I think that the total prep time was about 20 minutes and then it was all up to the oven to do it’s thing. After taking a bunch of snapshots and letting it cool off it was time for a sample bit (what, you don’t eat pie for brunch?) The verdict?

AMAZING! Not that I had any doubt in the recipe as Sarah’s books are virtually foolproof. The crust was flaky without being too fatty and the filling was light and perfectly spiced. All in all it was a resounding success! I highly reccomend you go find yourself a copy of her book “La Dolce Vegan” and make yourself this pie….pronto!


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