Day 55 – Magic Wand

Day 2 of Harry Potter Week

What would Harry Potter be without his magic wand? It would certainly make it a lot more difficult to beat Voldemort without a wand! Now unlike Harry, I don’t have a local wand shop like Ollivanders that I can simply go and visit so I had to make my own!

My first thought was that I would have to carve a wand out of a stick but I didn’t think that it would look that good, especially since I don’t really know how to carve things very well. Then after a quick google search I found this incredible tutorial on how to make a wand from a piece of paper. I was pretty amazed at how it turned out, once you get the paint on it, it really looks like wood!

All you do is take a regular sheet of white paper. Roll it up into a tapered roll and glue it so that it’s sealed. After it’s dry you snip off the ends so that they’re flat, then fill the ends with hot glue. Using a hot glue gun, create the design on the wand by “drawing” on the wand with the glue and letting it harden. Paint the wand with a light base coat, then mix up a good brown with some light and dark streaks in it and paint away. Once the brown is dry, mix up a watery black and do a light wash over the wand, wiping off the black with a cloth. Then once it’s dry you can paint your glue designs with some gold or silver paint. You’re done! Seriously though you should check out the tutorial because it’s really cool.

Tutorial at

Materials: paper, glue, paint
Cost: $0
Time: about 30 minutes ( plus 10 more because I dropped the wand in the paint and had to restart)


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  1. Annalise
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 15:06:51

    Wow, very cool!


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