Day 57 – Golden Snitch

Day 4 of Harry Potter Week

I must admit, I wish I could fly on a broomstick if only just so I could play Quidditch just once. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t be so good at it since my real life talents in sports seem to be lacking, but it would be fun to try!

So with that wish I decided to make a Golden Snitch (if you’re not familiar with Harry Potter this probably makes no sense). In the game of Quidditch there is a tiny flying ball called the Snitch and it is one players task to try and catch it. If the player DOES catch it, their team wins 150 points and pretty much wins the game. Of course, Harry is the seeker of the snitch so it’s fitting that I make one for my costume!

I knew right away the perfect thing to use for my snitch, we have some golden christmas decorations and it was exactly what I needed and worked out pretty good! I just glued on some cardboard wings and drew some designs on with black marker and that was that!

Materials: Christmas ornament, black marker, cardboard, glue
Cost: $0
Time: 15 minutes


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ten-Steps-Left-Of-Centre
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 13:16:43

    I’m loving your Harry Potter week! I should add that I play Quidditch weekly on my university’s Quidditch team. We have brooms, but no flying, though. We’re headed to the World Cup in New York this November, too. It’s a weekly reminder that anything’s possible, fictional or not!


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