Day 58/59/60/61 – Harry Potter Madness!

Woah, I totally slacked off this week (and I was so excited about all the projects too!) I guess it was just one of those busy weeks where I didn’t have a ton of time to post at the end of the day! Here’s a recap on what I made:

Day 58 – Hogwarts Tie
Beacause I decided to do a “no-buy” halloween costume I had to make do with whatever materials I had on hand. Lucky for me I have a yellow tie that I purchased back in July on my bike trip (for formal friday’s of course!) The tie was a simple project, I just cut some pieces of dark red felt into stripes and then pinned them onto the tie.

Day 59 – Lightning Bolt Scar
What would Harry be without his trademark lighting bolt scar?  On friday the school encouraged staff and students to dress up so I gathered up my costume and realized that I needed a realistic looking scar! Thankfully I have some fake skin from some past halloween costumes and used it to make a simple yet real looking scar on my forehead. The costume turned out pretty good and I got quite a few compliments for it!

Day 60 – ButterBeer
If you’re not familiar with the Harry Potter series, this one will seem a bit odd. Butterbeer is a drink that is quite popular in the stories and can be served either hot or cold (with alcohol or without). I searched for quite some time on an appetizing recipe. Some of them had cream, eggs and butter which didn’t exactly seem like something I’d want to drink so I settled on a simple recipe posted on a Harry Potter fansite. Two ingredients:  cream soda, butterscotch schnapps.  Simply mix the two together. It was actually quite tasty and hopefully one day I can visit the Harry Potter theme park and compare theirs to mine!

Day 61- Hedwig Pumpkin
The end of Harry Potter week! Even though I did a terrible job at updating this week, I had a lot of fun researching the projects and coming up with ideas and I’m looking into doing a few more theme weeks to help get the juices flowing!

Of course I had to end the week on Halloween with some pumpkin carving and the first thing that came to mind was Hedwig, Harry’s trusty mail owl. I almost carved Voldemort but decided that the owl was better. I looked up some stencils of owls but didn’t like any of them so I just searched for a colouring page of Hedwig and then drew the image onto the pumpkin!

Hope you all have a happy halloween!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. An Huy
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 00:36:38

    Do you know that you’re my hero? Really, all the Harry Potter stuff ~ and especially the pumpkin :3
    I knew it, you can do magic!


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