Days 65/66/67 – Painting,Patches,Popcorn

Day 65 – Wall-e Painting

Wall-e is without a doubt one of my favourite animated characters ever. The movie is artistically brilliant and his character is so distinct and beautiful even if he never really speaks more than one or two words. I have a wall-e toy that I photograph quite often and I find Wall-e to be one of those “go-to” images that I turn to when I need something to draw or paint. I was feeling like breaking out the paints tonight and I repurposed an old canvas that I had in my craft bin that had some random painting on it. I just put on the music and started to paint this little portrait of Wall-e.

Day 66 – Patch Blanket
Quite possibly the oldest item on my “to-do” list.  I’ve been collecting patches for at least the last 10 years, picking them up during my many adventures and travels. I have some from trips to Toronto, Las Vegas, Silverwood…many from my Otesha trips, marking various pit stops along the route. My friends have even sent me some from New Zealand and California! It’s been on my mind for the past few years to sew them onto a blanket and a couple years ago I even got a fleece blanket for christmas so that I could start putting them on. Well….I put it off and finally on Friday while watching a movie I decided to start. This is going to be an ongoing project for sure, in 2 hours I managed to sew on 12 patches and I still have over 30 left to go, eventually I’ll get there though!

Day 67 – D.I.Y. Microwave Popcorn
I forget where I first came across the idea of making your own microwave popcorn, Ithink it was on Either way, I bookmarked the link and had it in the back of my mind to try.

I really like the taste of air-popped popcorn and I really don’t like the greasy/fake taste that microwave popcorn has. We had an air-popper a few years ago but it was rather cheap and didn’t last very long. This recipe quite easily replaces the need for another appliance!

The method is quite simple. Take about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels and place them in a plain paper bag. Fold the top over twice and place it inside the microwave. Time it for about 2.5 minutes (I used the popcorn setting and it was perfect). After it’s done popping you can add some seasoning/oil/butter/salt and enjoy! It’s way cheaper than buying microwave popcorn (I bought a bag of bulk kernels and it was .75 cents) and quite a bit healthier too! (Plus you can reuse the paper bag over and over again)



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