Days 71/72/73/74

No, I didn’t forget about the blog or my project, I simply went on a little trip and didn’t get a chance to post until now! Crafting while on vacation/on the road is tricky, you really need to plan ahead and thankfully I was able to keep up with everything, even if it did mean working on a craft in starbucks while people looked on with strange looks…..

Day 71 –  Polar Bear Ornament or Pincushion
Onwards with my quest to make small little gifts that can be easily mailed to those that live far away, I present to you this guy. It started off as a magnet, then when I realized I had no magnet strips left, I changed it to a christmas ornament and then once I had sewed the whole thing I realized I didn’t leave room for a ribbon so now he is a pincushion waiting to become either an ornament or a magnet!

Day 72 – Chocolate Chip Cookies
I’ll give you one guess where I got the recipe for these cookies….If you’ve been reading the last few food posts you’ll probably guess Sarah Kramer and if you did, you’d be right! I’ve made these cookies so many times that I know the recipe by heart! They are probably the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had and they’re vegan too!

Day 73- Birthday Card
What does one do while sitting in a starbucks in Calgary while waiting for someone? Well, most people in the coffeeshop were either reading a newspaper or on a laptop. I on the other hand, was busy sketching and colouring a birthday card for my 6 year old niece. Now I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of it because it did turn out rather cute but in the hectic whirlwind of a weekend getaway, I forgot. I will give you the description and you’ll have to formulate your own image 🙂  There was a cat, with balloons tied around it’s waist and a cartooned version of my niece excited beyond all reason that said cat was wishing her a happy birthday.

Day 74 – Photomanipulation
Now I’ll confess, I didn’t do this whole image in one day, but I did finish it on Day 74 and that counts…to me at least. Back in June I created two photomanipulations for my two youngest nieces birthdays and I really liked how they turned out. Ciara, my oldest niece was not too happy that she didn’t get one (even though her birthday is in November). Fast forward to today and I was quite happy (as was she!) to finally be able to hand over her own “fantasy” photomapulation 🙂


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