Day 80/81 Ornament Time!

Hard to believe that Christmas is just over a month away, it feels like just days ago that Halloween was upon us! This year I’m determined to make as many gifts as I can for people, even if they’re small tokens or presents I still want to put effort into making things for other people and I hope that the recipients enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

On friday I received an email from the National Scrabble Association (who knew!?) asking permission to use one of my photos! I don’t really know what they plan on doing with it but I was quite excited as I’m a huge HUGE scrabble fan. In the spirit of scrabble I whipped up  the quick and easy christmas ornament with some scrabble pieces I found at a thrift store. I just hot glued the letters onto the holder and then glued a picture hanging hook onto the back, to hang it all you need to do is hang it on the tree with a small wire hanger.

Day 81

I’m planning to make a christmas themed stop motion for one of my upcoming projects and with that I need characters, props and backgrounds. I’m thinking that this little polymer elf (potential ornament) will be the  star of said stop motion video 🙂


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