Day 83 – Sketchbook Illustration #1

So I’ve signed up for The Sketchbook Project 2011!   The project is an art collective project that is open to people from all over the world. Artists sign up to receive a sketchbook, choose a theme and once they receive their book they fill it however they like with visuals representing their theme. Once you’re finished you mail it back to them and all the received sketchbooks will go on a cross-U.S. tour where anyone can check out your sketchbook!

I chose the theme “happy thoughts” and put a call out for people to answer the question “What is your happiest thought?”  I have a very diverse collection of answers from people of all ages, locations, and perspectives and I’ll be illustrating all the answers that I received and putting them in my book!

The first reply I got was from Rhiannon who wrote:
“my happiest thought is laughing with my girls crazily, so hard we can’t breathe and having no cares in the world. at that moment nothing else matters and i can be giggly, silly and have so much fun with the two most beautiful little people in my life … my daughters”

Here is my first illustration for the sketchbook


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