Day 91/92/93/94

This is a mish-mash of christmas themed projects that I’ve been procrastinating posting! The holiday season is so busy and keep up to date with posting each day is difficult so you may be seeing some bulk-posts during the month of December!

Day 91 – Marshmallow Snowman Ornament
So I’m sure you’ve seen those little ornaments that look like marshmallows/smore snowmen in various poses and themes. I’ve always liked them but wanted to try and make my own, wit a little personal touch! I made this little guy out of some polymer  clay 🙂

Day 92  – Winter ATCs
Jessica got me hooked on making Artist Trading Cards and now I find myself wanting to make them, even if I don’t have really creative ideas. It’s fun just to start gluing things onto some recycled playing cards and creating mini-pieces of art. These are three of some that I made tonight, using up some christmas stickers I had laying around.

Day 93 – Rubber Stamp
Now yes, I did make a stamp earlier on in this project but this time I really wanted it to turn out nicely as I planned on using it for the back of our homemade christmas cards (see next project!)  This time I used some Speedball stamp rubber which really worked nicely, the image was quite small so it was tricky to get my carving tool into the little crevices but I like how it turned out!

Day 94 – Christmas Card Mania
So every year, Scott and I make our Christmas Cards which usually turns our house into a cardmaking sweatshop for about a day or two. Prints need to be trimmed, cards need to be folded, images need to be positioned and glued, backs need to be stamped AND then they actually need to be filled in! Yikes! The last few years we’ve sent out two different versions of cards, oddly both featuring candy 🙂

We put together 50 of them so far although we’re figuring we need about 30 more so it looks like santa’s workshop isn’t quite closed yet!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Annalise
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 20:08:28

    Oh wow! I love the Christmas projects!

    I really want to know more about those artist trading cards… those look so cool!


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