Day 95/96/97/98

Kind of slacking again but I have big plans for the next two weeks coming up! My 100th day is tomorrow and although I already have a project in mind,  my 101st day will be a great project!

Days 95/96 – Sketchbook Project Sketches

So my drawing continues with these two additions for my entry into The Sketchbook Project. I asked people “What’s your happiest thought” and I’m illustrating their answers

Colin (one of my students) said: “Playing basketball makes me happy”

Thom said: The moment I’m walking when I’m unable to hear anything but the music played by my iPod. When I notice every detail in the world. Also the ones you never notice, because they are so common. The subtle ones. The little breeze of the wind touching the skin of my face. When all my muscles feel like I’ve ran 20 miles. When I’m tired of all the things that happened that specific day, which make you feel satisfied. When I don’t have to worry anymore about a deadline, but just can walk home, listening to some lyrics backed up by the music.

Days 97/98  Christmas Ornaments

I’ve gone a little ornament crazy and I have a list of projects I want to do to give away as gifts. I think I may keep the bike one for myself though 🙂

Day 99 – Chocolate Walnut Loaf.

Yum. That is all.


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