Day 103 – Cinnamon Stick Santa

My mom (hopefully she’s reading this!) is a powerhouse, she does more than any other person I know and she always seems to have something on the go (I know where I got THAT trait from!). She also has a million ideas, recipes, and projects that always seem to turn out perfectly and I’ve always been awed at how much she does, especially around the holidays!

One of her “signature” christmas gifts are these Cinnamon Stick Santas that she started making a few years ago with her painting group. I kind of hi-jacked the idea and started making them for my own christmas gifts as they’re easy to do and people seem pretty impressed with the idea. Full on credit goes to my mom!

I wish I could describe how to make these but it seems fairly straight forward. Paint the whole stick red, and then start layering on the details. Whites, then peace face, then blacks and then the face. Once you do a few it becomes pretty easy to get the hang of!
Materials: Paint, Cinnamon Stick
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $0


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