Day 118/119/120/121 Drawing Drawing Drawing!

With the deadline for submissions looming for “The Sketchbook Project”. I’ve been drawing my heart out trying to get a nice collection of sketches to send in as part of their travelling art show. In case you haven’t heard about the project before, it’s an opportunity for people from around the world to fill a small moleskein sketchbook with art and have it travel across the United States as part of an art show. You can pick a theme for your book and I picked the theme “Happy Thoughts” in which I asked various people in my life what their happiest thoughts were and then illustrated them! Here are four more entries

Shad said: “when I come home with a bunch of new books and try to figure out which one to read first with my boxer and my chihuahua next to me on my bed.”

Leigh said:  Going skiing with Buddy (her awesome dog) and looking down and seeing his dog beard full of snow”

Renea  said: “I’am happiest in knowing my children are safe and protected by the laws of a liberated society. When I think of living in such an incredible country such as Canada: liberties such as freedom of speech, religion & equality; rights to life & liberty; security of the person and fundamental justice. My life is peace because of this.
I have lived secure in knowing I’m guarded and free from so many inhumanities, (this I do not take for granted). My son’s are safe, and have a promising future, in a breath-taking place, (the most spectacular place in the world).”

Jodi said:  Floating in a lake with my head under the water, only my toes and the end of my nose are above the water and all I hear is the life under the surface.


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