Days 122/123/124 Resolution Art Cards

So with New Years comes the dreaded “New Years Resolutions”.  Those lists we create to motivate us through the year and will hopefully lead us to the life we dream of. Unfortunately most of us forget these resolutions just a few short weeks after we make them, which is why I’m making these Art Cards, one for each of my resolutions.

1. Drink all the tea in the cupboard. I don’t know how or why we have so much tea in our house but we do, and it’s like a multiplying vortex of teabags, each time I open the door there seems to be more. My goal, to drink it all by 2012.

2. Read more books, more specifically visit the library more often (and not get any late fines!)

3. Drink more water, it’s not so much an issue once running season starts but in the meantime I’m hoping to be chugging down 2 litres a day of the good stuff!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Annalise
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 18:23:15

    Those are a really neat idea, and so cute!


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