Days 131/132/133/134 -Sketchbook Project

No I haven’t forgotten about you Project Made. I’ve been so busy this week, trying to finish up my sketchbook project entry (even though the deadline was pushed back and had I not already mailed it, would have had a few extra days) I’ve also been going to the gym, doing photo work for some high school plays, and making sure that my half of the office isn’t exploding craft supplies all over the place.

Now that my sketchbook project is completed I am a little relieved to have some breathing room in this project and start making whatever I want to make instead of worrying about how many blank pages are left in my book! Here’s the last few entries into my sketchbook. Sorry for the bad photos, I snapped these seconds before mailing it in a huge panic because I thought I had missed the deadline…but that’s another story.

An said: “Recently, the thought that makes me happy is people love my handmade gifts that I made for them”

Sean said: “It was the contrast between cycling through “miserable” conditions with wild winds, truck traffic, and fog over the Lake and what my life would have been if I didn’t go on the Otesha tour and on. I would have been sitting in my office, in front of 3 screens, pretending to code, and looking out the window watching the sheets of rain carry down the road while my colleagues would be audibly miserable w.r.t. the weather. On my bicycle on a miserable day, I was the happier than I was in the office”

Annalise said: “My happiest thought is of travelling. I think about places I’ve been (the colours, the smells, the buildings, the people) and all of the places I want to go”

Shannon said: “i think the thing that makes me the MOST happy is creating music with others and sharing it. that wordless place of collaborating creatively through music kind of makes everything else in my life melt away.”


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  1. Laura
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 15:02:13

    Bahahahaha! Of course sean would be head to toe in yellow.


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