Day 139/140/141

Day 139 – 3D Cardboard Camera

A few days ago I made a whole army of cardboard cameras to use as props for a photo. I started thinking of how I could improve upon the idea and make an origami type camera that you folded and glued together. A friend and I are doing a craft-type swap and I wanted to include a camera type craft so this was perfect!

I measured out the dimensions of the camera based on a small box that had some candy in it, then I drew on the design and then labeled the tabs. Now with a little instructional sheet she can fold it all up and have her own cardboard camera!

Day 140: Polymer Beads & Bracelet

I was feeling a bit stuck for ideas and waiting until the last minute to make anything which didn’t exactly help. I put a call out on facebook and my good friend Ali suggested I make her a friendship bracelet. I built on the idea and decided to make some beads to go with it, including a camera bead for the centre.

Day 141 – Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

You know that feeling where you just need to have something  RIGHT NOW!? I was having that feeling and I wanted cookies or muffins or any other baked good but alas there was none to be found in the house. After a quick search through one of my cookbooks I whipped up a batch of spicy oatmeal cookies to calm the cravings and it worked! So tasty that I even ate a few for breakfast….


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