Day 142/143 – Sock Monkeys and Pugs

It seems as though all my most recent crafts are being sent away as gifts, I like it that way though, knowing that someone else will be enjoying something that I’ve created 🙂

Day 142 – Sock Monkey Painting
My friend Shannon has been extra awesome in the last few weeks, lifting my spirits when I’ve been feeling yucky so I thought I would put together a little package of happiness for her. She loves sock monkeys so I thought I would paint her one.

Day 143 – Pug Drawing
I’ve been battling a cold this weekend which means my creativity is at rock bottom. My pal Stephanie agreed to crochet me a comfy scarf in return for some mystery gifts so I decided that I would draw her a portrait of her adorable pug, Miyagi. I was thinking of doing a few of these and printing them as magnets 🙂


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