Day 148/149

Day 148 – Origami Cranes

For the month of January I’ve been participating in a photography project called “Item Collaboration”. Each day a theme is presented and the members of the project post a photograph that embodies that theme. For friday’s theme it was Origami and I really wanted to do a piece inspired by the play “A Thousand Cranes” that I had just watched last week. I helped the acting class at school fold a bunch of cranes in preperation for their production so I knew that today’s project would be a rather simple one. While I wish I had the patience and skill to fold more than just cranes and boats, I’m happy with how they (and the final photo) turned out

Finished Photo

Day 149 – Lady Goat Breath Sticker

Last summer during training week for my Otesha trip, we were divided into trios for “cooking squads”. We were chosen in a barnyard inspired game which had us picking a slip of paper from a hat and thn making the sounds of the animal written on the paper, eventually matching up with the others making the same sound. My team, the “goat” herd if you will was made up of Jessica, Rachel, and myself. After assembling our squad we had a few minutes to come up with a chant or theme song. We quickly decided on a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with some food related changes, this marked the beginning of our team name “Lady Goat Breath”.  We cooked well together, although we liked to cook food on a grand scale, quite often in  assembley line format…we tackled sushi, french toast, pizza, and  lots more….goat’s became our trade mark and we vowed to make a logo for our team, I decided to whip up this idea for a sticker that I’m including in a parcel for a contest that my fellow “goat breath member” is hosting, I hope I win 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sustainatarian
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 14:28:23

    I love the sticker Joel, you continue to be such an inspiration with all of your projects. I really think you guys should go all the way and get a lady goat breath tattoo!


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