Day 169 – Paper Bag Bike Cards

If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I love bikes…and to go with that, I love making things WITH bikes on them! I also like using up craft supplies that continually seem to come out of a neverending source in my desk drawer. All that combined inspired me to make a few bike themed paper bag cards.

There’s a great tutorial here on how to make them and you can do some really cool stuff with paper bags. You can make photo albums, cookbooks, journals….if you type in paper bag card into youtube or google you’ll find some amazing stuff! When you fold them in half they have two really neat features, they have a pocket to slip some goodies like a CD, some stickers, a photo or two into and they also have a flap from the bottom of the bag so you can hide a secret message under it 🙂

Mine are quite simple, I found some neat vintage bike photos online, printed them onto some recycled paper and then glued them on the front of the card, before I glued them I ran the edges of the paper across a blank stamp pad to give them a “grunged” look.


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