Day 178/179 PaperCraft and Calendar

Day 178 – PaperCraft Garfield

I did one of these Cube Papercrafts a few months ago and I grossly underestimated how time consuming and frustrating they could be. This garfield one, while seemingly simple took more than an hour to cut out and assemble. Each tab is put into a tiny little slot and no glue is used to keep it all together. I love the way they look and I”d love to have a whole little collection, if only I had the time (and patience!)
Here’s the pattern for Garfield and more can be found here:

Day 179: Gnome Desktop Calendar

To celebrate the beginning of march (and hopefully inspire Mother Nature to bring us some green grass soon) I used this image that I had made a few days ago and created a gnome themed calendar that can be used as a desktop background on your computer 🙂  If you click on the photo it will open a larger version that can be used as a background.

The gnome featured in the photo is Olaf, the travelling gnome that I created and sent out to explore the world. So far he’s visited Alaska, Florida, Michigan, Ontario, Los Angeles, Thailand, England, and is Maryland at the moment!


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