Day 182- Vegan Baked Doughnuts

Now before you start sending me messages saying “baked donuts? that must taste like cardboard!” believe me they were tasty. I don’t know why exactly the desire to make doughnuts suddenly struck me but it did and after a quick search I found this recipe which seemed simple and quick to make.

There was one snag. I have no doughnut pans, nor do I own any mini-muffin tins as the recipe suggests for making doughnut holes. I do, however, own some silicone ice cube trays in the shape of small rings (think candy gummy rings). One might assume that all silicone products can be put in the oven, but….one shouldn’t make that assumption. Thankfully only a tiny bit of silicone tray actually melted. On the brighter note, the doughnuts that I dropped into the bottons of regular sized muffin pans turned out pretty darn tasty and looked decidely more “doughnutty” after pushing a small cookie cutter through the middle.

I used a simple maple sugar glaze on top and needless to say, these bite-sized doughnuts were eaten quickly.

recipe from


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