Day 190/191

I’m still here, just failing at multi-tasking! With our upcoming Vegas trip about to start in….9 hours I have found myself trying to catch up on posting projects, typing emails, checking and rechecking flight schedules and I haven’t even started packing yet! Yikes!  I wanted to make a couple things that I could take on my travels and I think I came up with two fun projects that I can use throughout the week.

Day 190
Gnome Army

I printed out a nice collection of pictures of the Travelocity Roamin’ Gnome and placed them inside some clear contact paper. My goal is to stealthily place them in random spots around Las Vegas for people to maybe find and keep for their travels. I had planned on making a whole bunch of clay gnomes but I had visions of them ending up in the trash and I didn’t like that at all, so I figured these ones would do the trick.

Day 191
Paper Bag Travel Journal

I needed a project that I could do while we were away, I didn’t want to take a whole bunch of supplies with me and I also didn’t want to spend a ton of time each day trying to do projects instead of relaxing and seeing the sights. I decided that I could make this journal and each day my entry could be that day’s project. I’ll bring along some scissors, gluesticks and small bits of paper but the majority of the inside will be filled with little scraps and clippings that I collect from that day’s travels! Stay tuned for the finished product.


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