Days 193-200 Vegas Vacation

Now that I’ve (finally) gone through all my Vegas photos and unpacked all the bags and put things away, I feel like I’m back on track.

While we were in Las Vegas, I tried to collect little pieces of what we did each day so that I could make this little scrapbook of our trip. The great thing about paper bag books is that they have little pockets every few pages that are great for storing pieces that don’t fit on the pages, in this case our collection of  1 cent slot machine vouchers, a room key, and an autograph from Rosie O’Donnell.

I’ll go by day and point of some notes of interest 🙂

March 12 – Departure Day

We gave ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport in Spokane, we arrived with perfect timing and about an hour to spare. Unfortunately after boarding the plane and waiting. And waiting. We found out there was a leak in the landing gear and we had to wait for another plane. We ended up getting to Las Vegas 5 hours after we were supposed to be but it all worked out in the end.

March 13 – Lion King Day

Today was set aside for a bit of shopping (I needed a tie and some dress shoes) and that night we went to The Lion King at Mandalay Bay. Even though we’d already seen it once a few years ago, I still got goosebumps from the amazing music and costumes. On our way back to our hotel we stopped at The Burger Bar for dinner, I’ve wanted to go to this place ever since I saw it on The Food Network and I must say that their “Vegas Vegan” burger was freaking amazing. One of the best meals of the trip.

March 14 – Uncle Day

Today we met up with Scott’s uncle who treated us to lunch (awesome Sushi at RA) and then some Boba Tea. It was great to hear his stories about Las Vegas over the years and how it all came to be, it’s too bad that our schedules didn’t work out for a longer visit.

March 15- Celine Dion Day

Tuesday was the big opening night of Celine’s new show and we somehow found ourselves with front row seats! That day we went for lunch with a couple friends (had the biggest veggie burger I’ve ever seen) and then wandered over to the Coloseum just in time to see Celine’s husband doing interviews with media. After a few hours of walking around we headed back to get changed into our suits. The show was incredible and being in the front row was breaktaking, she’s got talent that’s for sure! Before the show started I looked back to see the theatre and noticed Rosie O’Donnell sitting a few rows back, I mustered up some courage and went to talk with her for a while. She was so nice and friendly and politely gave me an autograph. Excellent night!

March 16  Coca-Cola/M&M Day

Since the night/day before had been so crazy we decided to take it easy and just wander up and down the strip. We went to Coca-Cola world where we tried the “Around The World” taste test which yielded some tasty and not so tasty results. Another fun day.


March 17- St.Patricks Day

Nothing like spending St.Patricks Day in Las Vegas with a friend from Ireland! We went to Town Square, a nice quiet shopping centre designed with a community feel. The lunch we had at Yardhouse was the best I’ve had in a long time. They had a whole vegan section with buffalo “wings”, “beef” sliders and more. Of course we had to have a few green beers as well! That night we hit up the grand opening of a new Irish Pub called Ri Ra and enjoyed st.paddy’s day.

March 18 – Photo Day

I was lucky enough to meet up with a photographer friend, Jazmine who lives in Las Vegas. We met up at the Venetian and spent a good part of the day wandering down the strip taking jumping photos and having a great conversation. Eventually we found ourselves at the Las Vegas sign and took some great jumping photos there. That night I tried Roulette for the first time and ended up winning $100! Not too bad!

March 19

Home time. Easy flights, quick through security although all we did that day was travel. Sad to leave the warmth and exchange it for more snow….hrmmm….


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  1. Annalise
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 17:19:03

    Sounds like a great trip! Love the scrapbook. 😀

    How did you end up with front row seats? Were the really, really, ridiculously expensive?


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