Day 215 – GPS Holder

Now that it’s summer and the rain clouds have somewhat parted, I’m finding myself checking into almost every day to see if there are any new caches close by.  Scott and I started geocaching back in 2004 and we were on a roll for a while but kind of fell out of love with it. Recently I’ve gotten back into the caching “scene” and have found quite a few already this year. At last count since we started we’ve found over 160 caches and have 4 active caches of our own! Fun stuff!

I decided for today’s project I would whip up a little GPS cozy/holder that would help me keep track of my GPS when I throw it into my backpack (I need a GPS to FIND my GPS!). I put in a little pocket to hold a pen since there are tons of nano (tiny) caches that can’t even hold a pencil and I always forget to bring one. On the front I sewed on this little metal placard that Scott gave me for my birthday a few years ago, I think it’s supposed to be attached to walking stick but this works for me. Now I just need to find some velcro tape to keep it all together and I’m ready for some caching!  I think I might put together a cache later on this week and use it as one of my “catch up” projects.


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