Day 177 -Illustration Friday “Swarm”

The theme this week at Illustration Friday is “Swarm” and immediately I thought of two images. One being an ice cream delivery truck being swarmed by children and the second one of an animal in a zoo being swarmed by cameras and people. Since we had driven through Banff National Park and being there always makes me think of animal encounters and how people can be quite invasive around wild animals, bears in particular…I decided to draw that.


Day 162 – Illustration Friday “Sweater”

This is a few days late but I’m playing a bit of catch-up this weekend. The theme for Illustration Friday this week is Sweater and I thought of my favourite kind of dog, a scottish terrier ūüôā

Day 150 – Illustration Friday “Surrender”

I really want to get more involved in developing my illustrating and drawing skills and now that I’m finished my sketchbook project I hope that I can do this on a more relaxed basis, the website “Illustration Friday” is a good motivator, it offers a weekly theme and gives some great inspiration on developing styles.

This week’s theme is “Surrender” and I immediately pictured a scene from a book I just read in which the main character attempts to retrieve eggs from a henhouse in which the hens want no part in, I thought it leant itself well to the theme ūüôā

Day 46 – Halloween Illustration – “Spooky”



For Illustration Friday’s “Spooky” theme.

Maybe this doesn’t totally count as a project for today but I spent quite a bit of time on it this morning and I like how it turned out. My project, my rules! I think I may print it out onto sticker or magnet paper and then give it away as halloween gifts ūüôā

Illustration Friday – Immovable

The Immovable Prize Winning Pumpkin


Not only am I using this blog as a¬†space to document and¬†share with you my upcoming¬†365 days project (starting in¬†2 days!!!) I’m also going to be using it as a place to share¬†my doodles, random musings, and¬†anything¬†else I¬†feel like sharing, including my submissions¬†for Illustration Friday which is¬†what the image¬†above is for.

The theme¬†this week was “Immovable” and the image of a giant vegetable suddenly¬†popped into my head and as the idea slowly unwrapped itself I was reminded of¬†my¬†friend Nicolette who was overjoyed at seeing a¬†“real pumpkin” in a community¬†garden on our Otesha trip. I can¬†only assume that she’ll be planting her own pumpkins in her new garden¬†and¬†I’m quite sure they’ll be prize winners.