Days 131/132/133/134 -Sketchbook Project

No I haven’t forgotten about you Project Made. I’ve been so busy this week, trying to finish up my sketchbook project entry (even though the deadline was pushed back and had I not already mailed it, would have had a few extra days) I’ve also been going to the gym, doing photo work for some high school plays, and making sure that my half of the office isn’t exploding craft supplies all over the place.

Now that my sketchbook project is completed I am a little relieved to have some breathing room in this project and start making whatever I want to make instead of worrying about how many blank pages are left in my book! Here’s the last few entries into my sketchbook. Sorry for the bad photos, I snapped these seconds before mailing it in a huge panic because I thought I had missed the deadline…but that’s another story.

An said: “Recently, the thought that makes me happy is people love my handmade gifts that I made for them”

Sean said: “It was the contrast between cycling through “miserable” conditions with wild winds, truck traffic, and fog over the Lake and what my life would have been if I didn’t go on the Otesha tour and on. I would have been sitting in my office, in front of 3 screens, pretending to code, and looking out the window watching the sheets of rain carry down the road while my colleagues would be audibly miserable w.r.t. the weather. On my bicycle on a miserable day, I was the happier than I was in the office”

Annalise said: “My happiest thought is of travelling. I think about places I’ve been (the colours, the smells, the buildings, the people) and all of the places I want to go”

Shannon said: “i think the thing that makes me the MOST happy is creating music with others and sharing it. that wordless place of collaborating creatively through music kind of makes everything else in my life melt away.”


Day 129/130 – Sketching and Baking

Another day, another sketch! Well, only for the next few days and then I’ll be back to making some great new projects!

One of my favourite things about doing this sketchbook project is hearing people’s answers and seeing if it matches what I guessed they would say. Sometimes I’m close, sometimes it’s a total surprise and sometimes I get it spot on. I had a feeling that I would get Laura’s answer right since I think we share a lot of the same brain wavelengths 🙂

Laura said:  My happiest moments would have to be running through the streets of Halifax in the middle of a torrential rain storm. I love the refreshing rain drops and the childishness of stamping through puddles. I love the funny looks I get from people sitting dry in their cars. But most of all I love that one-top-of-the-world feeling you get from running through mother nature’s spontaneity.

Day 130 – Vegan Double Chocolate Muffins

Today I woke up early (8:30 on a Sunday is early right?) and decided to go into full on baking mode. I made bread and muffins before noon plus I roasted a huge dish of veggies for dinner. Needless to say I was ready for a nap by 3:00.  The muffins that I made turned out amazing! Typically when I make vegan muffins they end up like little flat discs but these ones turned out so perfectly rounded that I just wanted to run around my apartment building knocking on people’s doors and giving each neighbor one. I didn’t, but I did 3 of them in about an hour. The recipe comes from (who else but) Sarah Kramer.

Days 125/126/127/128

I’m updating two of my ongoing series that I’ve been working on. Both my resolution cards and my sketchbook project drawings are coming to a close so I thought I would work extra hard at getting them completed, in a way it’s been nice to have a fall-back plan for a project although I’m looking forward to having my options a little wider!

Day 125 – Resolution Card #4 
Send More Mail

I love getting mail, but even more than getting it I love to send it. I like making cards or letters and mailing off an envelope decorated in some fashion usually with a few little extras hidden inside. My goal this year is to send out at least one letter or postcard a week, we’ll call it the start of the Snail Mail Club!

Day 126 – Resolution Card #5
Run A Marathon In 3:30.

Last year my goal was to complete a marathon in under four hours and after 5 months of training I was able to smile my way across the finish line at the Calgary Marathon with a time of 3:39, this year I plan to shave off those 9 minutes and finish under 3:30!

Day 127 /128 Sketches

My sketchbook is due on January 15 so I’ve been drawing and coloring away trying to fill the pages, here are two more entries to the book. I asked friends and family what their happiest thoughts were and I’m lllustrating their answers.

Andrea said:  Music, it means everything to me.

The always awesome Sarah Kramer said: My happiest time is when I’m walking on the beach with my dog and my husband … nothing else matters but the sand between our toes and the love we share for each other.  🙂

Day 118/119/120/121 Drawing Drawing Drawing!

With the deadline for submissions looming for “The Sketchbook Project”. I’ve been drawing my heart out trying to get a nice collection of sketches to send in as part of their travelling art show. In case you haven’t heard about the project before, it’s an opportunity for people from around the world to fill a small moleskein sketchbook with art and have it travel across the United States as part of an art show. You can pick a theme for your book and I picked the theme “Happy Thoughts” in which I asked various people in my life what their happiest thoughts were and then illustrated them! Here are four more entries

Shad said: “when I come home with a bunch of new books and try to figure out which one to read first with my boxer and my chihuahua next to me on my bed.”

Leigh said:  Going skiing with Buddy (her awesome dog) and looking down and seeing his dog beard full of snow”

Renea  said: “I’am happiest in knowing my children are safe and protected by the laws of a liberated society. When I think of living in such an incredible country such as Canada: liberties such as freedom of speech, religion & equality; rights to life & liberty; security of the person and fundamental justice. My life is peace because of this.
I have lived secure in knowing I’m guarded and free from so many inhumanities, (this I do not take for granted). My son’s are safe, and have a promising future, in a breath-taking place, (the most spectacular place in the world).”

Jodi said:  Floating in a lake with my head under the water, only my toes and the end of my nose are above the water and all I hear is the life under the surface.

Day 95/96/97/98

Kind of slacking again but I have big plans for the next two weeks coming up! My 100th day is tomorrow and although I already have a project in mind,  my 101st day will be a great project!

Days 95/96 – Sketchbook Project Sketches

So my drawing continues with these two additions for my entry into The Sketchbook Project. I asked people “What’s your happiest thought” and I’m illustrating their answers

Colin (one of my students) said: “Playing basketball makes me happy”

Thom said: The moment I’m walking when I’m unable to hear anything but the music played by my iPod. When I notice every detail in the world. Also the ones you never notice, because they are so common. The subtle ones. The little breeze of the wind touching the skin of my face. When all my muscles feel like I’ve ran 20 miles. When I’m tired of all the things that happened that specific day, which make you feel satisfied. When I don’t have to worry anymore about a deadline, but just can walk home, listening to some lyrics backed up by the music.

Days 97/98  Christmas Ornaments

I’ve gone a little ornament crazy and I have a list of projects I want to do to give away as gifts. I think I may keep the bike one for myself though 🙂

Day 99 – Chocolate Walnut Loaf.

Yum. That is all.

Day 86/87/88 – Drawing, Drawing and more Drawing

So signing up for the Sketchbook Project is something that I’m excited about but it also means that I really need to work on my illustrating, I’m trying to stick to similar styles and I’m hoping that I’m on track to finish by the end of December! Here are my most recent additions to the sketchbook.

Each illustration is a visual representation of the answers I received to this question
“What is your happiest thought?”

Ryan said:  ” One day, I would love to do a book tour. It wouldn’t have to draw large audiences or sell millions of copies, but a book tour would be a dream.”

Christina said :  ” I love seeing that spark of connection and understanding when a student grasps a concept or idea for the first time.”

Jazmine said: ” My happy thought is simple, but was the best day of my life, the day my daughter was born. ”

Day 83 – Sketchbook Illustration #1

So I’ve signed up for The Sketchbook Project 2011!   The project is an art collective project that is open to people from all over the world. Artists sign up to receive a sketchbook, choose a theme and once they receive their book they fill it however they like with visuals representing their theme. Once you’re finished you mail it back to them and all the received sketchbooks will go on a cross-U.S. tour where anyone can check out your sketchbook!

I chose the theme “happy thoughts” and put a call out for people to answer the question “What is your happiest thought?”  I have a very diverse collection of answers from people of all ages, locations, and perspectives and I’ll be illustrating all the answers that I received and putting them in my book!

The first reply I got was from Rhiannon who wrote:
“my happiest thought is laughing with my girls crazily, so hard we can’t breathe and having no cares in the world. at that moment nothing else matters and i can be giggly, silly and have so much fun with the two most beautiful little people in my life … my daughters”

Here is my first illustration for the sketchbook