Project Made: Day 216 – Mojitos


What better way to ring in the start of summer than to make mojitos! I remember perfectly the first time I ever ordered one, it was back in 2008 on Salt Spring Island at a little cafe called The Treehouse. It was a warm August evening and the Mojito that I ordered was absolutely the best drink I’ve ever had, a close second would probably be the ones from Ra Sushi in Las Vegas.

Last night I whipped up a small batch of these ( after cycling madly to the store to buy mint and limes of course) and while the recipe I used was fairly strong, they sure hit the spot!

Recipe (tweaked)
5-7 mint leaves
1 lime
1.5 tsp powdered sugar
2 ounces rum
2.5 ounces club soda

1. Place mint leaves and the juice from half the lime into a glass. Add the sugar and muddle together
2. Add ice
3. Pour the rum and club soda over top and stir.
4. Add some lime slices and a sprig of mint to finish it off.
5. Enjoy!


Day 215 – GPS Holder

Now that it’s summer and the rain clouds have somewhat parted, I’m finding myself checking into almost every day to see if there are any new caches close by.  Scott and I started geocaching back in 2004 and we were on a roll for a while but kind of fell out of love with it. Recently I’ve gotten back into the caching “scene” and have found quite a few already this year. At last count since we started we’ve found over 160 caches and have 4 active caches of our own! Fun stuff!

I decided for today’s project I would whip up a little GPS cozy/holder that would help me keep track of my GPS when I throw it into my backpack (I need a GPS to FIND my GPS!). I put in a little pocket to hold a pen since there are tons of nano (tiny) caches that can’t even hold a pencil and I always forget to bring one. On the front I sewed on this little metal placard that Scott gave me for my birthday a few years ago, I think it’s supposed to be attached to walking stick but this works for me. Now I just need to find some velcro tape to keep it all together and I’m ready for some caching!  I think I might put together a cache later on this week and use it as one of my “catch up” projects.


It’s rather fitting that Illustration Friday’s theme is Launch this week, I just had to play along 🙂

Long time no see!!

I took a much needed hiatus from my blog and from Project Made in general. With training for my marathon, working on my photography, and having a full-time job I was finding it more stressful than fulfilling to keep this project up.  With that said, I’ve finished my marathon and I’m on summer vacation which has freed up my schedule big time! I’m officially relaunching Project Made today and hoping to have the full 365 projects by Sept.1st! 

I’ll also be using this blog as a home-base to share some of my photography, some behind the scenes stuff, and of course my crafty/homemade things! I’ve got some great stuff planned so get ready for my red hot crafty summer!

It’s rather fitting that Illustration Friday’s theme is Launch this week, I just had to play along 🙂

Day 214 – Letters I,J,K,L

I know that I’ve been terribly slack with this project but I am still determined to keep making projects and posting them on this blog. I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to balance my marathon schedule with working, photography, and feeding myself in between (sleep? who needs sleep?) With all of that said this project I think will turn from 365 projects over the course of one year into one which ends whenever the day comes that I post the project for 365, most likely a few months after the original end. I think this will both lighten my guilt over letting this project slide and will also give me some motivation back to keep on some sort of schedule.

Anyways, back to the Polymer Alphabet Book that I’ve been working on. I made animals for the letters I all the way to P but there was a tragic disaster on my desk and most of the animals were damaged or migrated to various parts of the room before I could photograph them. I spent some time reassembling them and in time I’ll get them posted. Here are I,J,K, and L





Day 213 – H is for Hippo

I do have figures done all the way up to J but since I procrastinated on my run today, I didn’t get a chance to finish them until it was too dark to take photos of them, so they’ll show up later. For now, here’s a hippo 🙂

Day 212 – G is for Goat

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an actual mountain goat, not in a zoo of course. I’ve seen plenty of mountain SHEEP but I always get the two mixed up, apparently I need this alphabet series to help teach me about animals!

Day 210/211 – Eagle and Fox

Day 210
E is for Eagle

Perhaps it’s because I don’t really like birds but for some reason I just couldn’t seem to get the body of this eagle to look…well, eagle-like. It kind of ended up more buzzard looking but it’s all the same to me!

Day 211
F is for Fox

I think I need to pick some more colourful animals as so far most of the photos all contain white, brown and orange!

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